What’s Inside an Emotional Support Dog Kit?

When you register your dog as an ESA, you’re given a kit that can help them be identified by the public or in places with a no pet policy. It contains a lightning certificate, PVC IDs, and an emotional support dog vest. Read on to learn more about these items.

Lightning ESA Certificate

This serves as proof oftheemotional support registration andthat they’re listed in the ESA database. The certificate includes your and your canine’s name, the Emotional Support Animal Registration of America (ESARA) seal, and the acknowledgment that your ESA is protected under the Federal Law.

There’s no expiration date for the certificate; it will last for their full lifetime. Apart from that, you can also download or print it so that you have it easily accessible in the event it’s needed for verification.

Dog ID Cards

As a responsible owner of an emotional support animal, you should always carry proper identification. The package comes with official PVC IDs that contain all the information you need when you travel together.

The kit has two official ESA IDs and three mini IDs. The PVC cardhastheir picture, name, handler’s name, classification, and a searchable ID number. It also includes the ESARA’s logo, website, and phone number so you can contact the department in case you need replacements.

Dog Vest

Emotional support dogs need to wear a vest to be easily identified in public areas. Aside from verifying status, it can also stop people from trying to pet them, as that could distract them from doing their jobs.

There are different styles:

  • Padded Vests – Thesecome with a handle for walking outdoors.
  • Lightweight Cotton Vests –These are perfect to wear in all seasons.
  • Mesh Vests –These are great for walking outdoors during warmer weather.

To recap, when you register your caring canine as an ESA, and they’re approved, you get a kit that contains specific items that will help with their identification: the official ESA certificate, IDs, and an emotional support dog vest. These items can reduce the hassle you’ll encounter in airports and public places that don’t allow pets. In turn, theyenableyou to receive the comfort and companionshipyou need whenever you need it, and regardless of where you are.


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