Fascinating Information About Tribunj

Tribunj is an old fisherman’s village, renowned for its historical and traditional heritage: you’ll find Tribunj located on the Middle Adriatic coast, between Sibenik and Zadar.

It was first mentioned in 15th century under the name Tribahunj and whole village was built on the small islet and surrounded by the defense walls. The islet is still connected to the shore with small stone bridge.

Tourists in Tribunj are thrilled with all Tribunj accommodation, the finest Tribunj apartments and also the wonderful restaurants, fabulous hospitality, beautiful beaches and bays and the clean sea; its inhabitants traditionally occupy themselves with fishing and agriculture. On 2003 new modern marina was built, providing 260 berths in the sea and 150 berths on the land. In August traditional donkey race is held, aiming to preservation of donkeys, as autochthon species.

tribunjTowns close to Tribunj are Vodice, renowned for its rich night-life (ideal for our younger visitors), beautiful beaches and its marina; the island of Murter, and Krka National Park and Kornati archipelago.

Tribunj is a fabulous holiday destination, offering a combination of traditional and modern activities; you’ll create memories in Tribunj that will last a lifetime. We invite all mountaineers, cyclists and walkers to experience for themselves the magic of this region and enjoy the wonder that is Tribunj.
The Tribunj hinterland is inundated with field and cycling paths and trails that cut across plantations of vines and typical Dalmatian olive groves; leading visitors to amazing panoramic sites on the Križine Hill.

Pirovac: A Wonderful Place To Visit

Book Pirovac RoomsTourists LOVE Pirovac! It’s a lively, beautiful town with so much to see and do. The busy and industrious hands of inhabitants throughout the centuries have ornamented this beautiful place with historic monuments of everlasting value.

Pirovac is located at the most western point of the county of Knin and Sibenik. Pirovac is a municipal center and, next to Primosten, Vodice, Murter, the most important municipal tourist center of the Sibenik Riviera .

The stunning beauty of the well-indented coastal region, magnificent sunsets, sandy beaches and numerous coves, the mild climate, clean and warm sea, the vegetation, centenary olive-groves and pine forests – all these wonders of Pirovac are guaranteed to delight the most discerning visitor to this region.

Book Pirovac accommodation or some of the best Pirovac apartments and you’ll be free to explore all these hidden beauties by yourself. Walking through the beautiful nature, bike rides, sports and recreational activities, sailing, diving, visiting historical and cultural antiquities, tasting Dalmatian specialties… there’s so much to see and do here that we guarantee you’ll have a fabulous holiday.

Pirovac is adorned by numerous attractions which are the reflection of the past times when this area was a significant center of the knights Templars. Make sure you’ve got your camera with you because when you walk through the older parts of town on the coast you’ll definitely be needing it: you’ll see ‘The Gates of the Village’ and its medieval walls; fascinating symbols with equally fascinating stories of Pirovac.

Right up to this very day to you can see the signs of Pirovac’s rich and stormy past because all monumental and cultural aspects of this region have been preserved. While visiting this area you’ll feel the tenacious resistance of past centuries to foreign conquerors; all remembered and preserved by hard-working citizens.

We Welcome All Visitors to Murter: Croatia’s Paradise on Earth

Murter is the largest and the oldest town on the island with a beautiful Murter accommodation. It is often referred to as the “capital” of Kornati, since its residents own almost all of the Kornati and the neighbouring islands. Seeing that Murter’s residents own every seventh island in Croatia, it would be impossible to understand both their lives and the island’s development without taking into consideration their bond with the sea, which is centuries-old.

apartments-in-murterLocated on the hill Gradina in the old Roman town of Colentum you’ll see historically valuable archeological findings and bear witness to the importance of the location of Murter. In the course of time the town grew bigger until it reached Slanica bay, located in the south-west of the island. This is where the most beautiful beach in the whole Šibenik riviera can be found – the famous Slanica beach, so the most tourist looking for apartments in Murter there.

Due to residents’ growing concentration on the sea, the newer part of Murter was built on the coast of a large bay called Hramina. For a long time it has been thought that the name of Murter is connected with “death”.

Still, it is most likely that it was named after “mortarium” – a concave trough made of stone, which used to be a part of the oil-press. The origin of the name bears witness to an old tradition of olive growing in this area. Olive oil from Murter is widely known and enjoyed.

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Vodice – What You Need To Know

Vodice-apartmentsThe name Vodice today invokes pleasant images in the memory of millions of tourists. Vodice has earned a top award named The Flower of Tourism, given to a town which invests in the constant improvement of its touristic offer. In addition; the Vodice Riva won the ‘Best Riva in Croatia’ title.

A jury of experts has decided: life is the best on Vodice Riva! The Vodice marina has received the European Blue flag as it meets their strict ecological standards. Vodice is also extremely proud of its Blue Flag beach. The professionals have acknowledged the quality of Vodice touristic offer and have awarded it numerous awards, however the most important recognition Vodice has received are numerous satisfied visitors who return year after year.

This small city distinguishes itself through a rich gastronomical offer, great nightlife, cultural content, kilometers of beaches, etc. We are a specialized tourist agency, focusing on private accommodation available to tourists in Vodice and Srima. With our extensive experience in the industry we can assist in choosing the ideal Vodice accommodation for you or some of the best private Vodice apartments; plus we can answer all your questions in regard to day-trips, entertainment, the beaches, and so on. And while you’re in our beautiful city, we’re still here for you: our aim is to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible.

We are trying to give you a clear and comprehensive view of our town, hoping that this will help you to choose Vodice as your holiday resort today and in the future. Search for the best Vodice accommodation now!