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Wonders (13)

Historical monuments in Greece modeled by }-M@N->

" 3D World Landmarks "
3D Models of famous structures and landmarks created by PMOlsen

3D Tourist Sites
Famous tourist sites in 3D in Google Earth. Turn on Panoramio layer to see photos.

Clock Tower
Clock Tower in Old Town Kotor Montenegro

Stadiums (10)

2010 NCAA Tournament
All of the venues in the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament

ACC Stadiums
Football stadiums for the 12 schools in the ACC

Big 10 Stadiums
Football stadiums for the 11 schools in the Big Ten

Big 12 Stadiums
Football stadiums for the 12 schools in the Big 12

Buildings (24)

+TRE geomodeling
Alcuni dei lavori di +TRE geomodeling

3D Cities December 2008
Locations of new/updated 3D cities in Google Earth. Some of the cities have non-textured buildings which can only be viewed in Google Earth. Thumbnails are from Google Earth screenshots. See more about this at Google Earth Blog (gearthblog.com).

58 N. Chicago Street
Office building in Joliet

Argentine Bridges
Some of the most important Bridges from Argentina

Other (68)

" 3D Australian Landmarks "
3D Models of Australian landmarks created by PMOlsen

熊的部落 Models by tang - Google Earth

2000 European Trip Part 1

2008 Olympic Venues
Various venues for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China

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